“The Clash of Civilizations” thesis is a gimmick… better for reinforcing defensive self-pride than for critical understanding of the bewildering interdependence of our time.”

Edward Said

Edward Said saw our world divided not into the ill-imagined clash of civilizations, but caught in a clash of ignorance. This section seeks to look critically at the casually and irresponsibly employed vocabularies in our representations of eachother.

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Batman and Hindu-Muslim Dialogue: A Short Story

The Manbat from the DC Comics is a scientist-turned super-villain who has concocted a serum that turns him into a giant bat with super-human strength and hearing. But when the zoologist is under the effect of the serum, his IQ falls precipitously and he turns into a creature of pure instinct. However, there are occasional…

Why Shashi Tharoor Is A Hindu: The Politics of Inclusivism

The problem is not that we are different. The problem is how do we coexist while respecting our differences? We must also bear in mind that is only under modern religious nationalism that there arises an acute need to summon a unifying identity around which to rally. While this certainly serves political expediency, nonetheless, a…

A Workshop on Hinduism For Muslims (Urdu)

Earlier this year, I was invited to deliver a series of public awareness talks conducted to raise consciousness among Muslims about Hindu traditions and to orient them to the requisite etiquette for inter-faith understanding.

Why We Work

“What do you” This much-bandied string of words can be a polite greeting, a conversation-starter, and a way of getting to know a stranger. As such, the phrase can lend itself to many interesting and meaningful conversations. But in common usage it remains no more than a perfunctory formality at best, and a cause for…

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