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Hindu and Muslim communities in India have long co-existed alongside each other. But, it seems that the present rift between the communities is only growing wider, with great social and political consequences. Underlying the apparent mutual intolerance, however, is a mutual ignorance of each other’s traditions. While questions of social, legal, and political injustice have to be dealt with in their own arenas, what is nonetheless a consistent finding in these areas, all the way from journalistic to juridical pronouncements, is that certain misgivings and misunderstandings have become the default background of our collective imagination. 

Thus, there is a dire need to bridge this knowledge gap in a manner that steers clear of immediate politics, and seeks to understand these questions on intellectual terms and in the wider context of our rich and multiple traditions. What is required is a unprejudiced, patient, long-sustained, sincere, and sympathetic approach towards our own and the other’s traditions.

Primum non nocere. – First do no harm.

The first rule of Medicine

The present project seeks to compile and collate conversations with scholars of Hinduism and Islam, focusing on the themes of philosophy, theology, spirituality, and ritual practice. The aim is first and foremost to address English-speaking Indian Muslims, and indirectly, Hindus or other non-Muslims interested in bridge-building between our communities.

Interfaith dialogue and mutual understanding is a chance for us not so much to speak or teach, but to listen and learn. To know the Other through their own self-description, from their sources, and in a manner that is respectful of their traditions of interpretation. To this end, the conversational medium seems best suited. By bringing leading academics and scholars of Hinduism and Islam to bear on the topic, we have the opportunity to learn from insiders and authorities of our various traditions. 

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